Hi, I’m Jay! I live in the south of England with my wife Aisha and our two labradoodles, Murphy and Charlie. This site started out as a mission to watch and review all the films in every edition of the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die book series, but over the past few years that has trailed off a little due to external commitments and my unintentional endeavour to spend every waking hour either hosting, editing, researching or being a guest on podcasts. I still plan to finish the 1001 List someday, as well as the numerous other lists I’ve accumulated over the years, but for now this is my little corner of the web to post the occasional review, film-related thoughts, or an update on how I’m not doing terribly well at posting about those previous two things.

I currently host Deep Blue Sea: The Podcast with my co-host Mark Hofmeyer, on which we took a deep dive into the Deep Blue Sea trilogy, one DVD chapter at a time, before now covering one Deep Blue Sea-adjacent movie a week (that’s films directed by Renny Harlin, featuring sharks or a lot of aquatic action, or that have some other tenuous link to the 1999 smart shark masterpiece). I used to host the Lambcast for seven years (I retired from the show in late 2020, but my former co-host Richard Kirkham stayed on as the main host) but remain the Shepherd of the Large Association of Movie Blogs (the LAMB), originally founded by Dylan Fields in 2007 [I think]. I host a monthly podcast on the Lambcast feed called Lambpardy, that’s essentially a movie trivia version of Jeopardy, and I occasionally write reviews for Blueprint: Review and French Toast Sunday.

Outside of writing about and discussing movies you can probably find me walking anywhere up to five dogs, cycling to the cinema or limping home because I tried to run too far again. I love movies containing dinosaurs, sharks, time travel, talking dogs, heists, gearing-up montages, inventive, prolonged death sequences, impromptu musical numbers and Michael Shannon, though to my knowledge all of these elements have yet to be collected together to form the perfect movie. Rest assured, I’ll let you know once that happens.

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