Caught Up!

Oh dear God I’m amazing. You may have noticed a surge in posts of late, the reason beign that I’ve managed to catch up with all the posts that are overdue, all the films I needed to watch and even crossing the films off the lists here on the blog. The last few days have been pretty hectic, with sleep being missed and the gym neglected (fairly sure I’ve gained about half a stone in the past week, typing is not very good exercise) but it’s worth it because I’m back on top after about six months of being behind.

I’ll not be resting on my laurels for long either. Tomorrow I intend to both watch a film and post about it IN THE SAME DAY, as well as going to the gym, cooking a decent meal and quite possibly updating the statistics page that hasn’t been touched in over 100 films. You should also look out on Friday and Monday for new weekly features I intend to introduce, a Top 5 list (I know, the originality of it almost knokced me out too) and on Monday a Best Non-List Film of the Week, because there are more than 1,328 films out there, I watch tthem too, and some of them need to be discussed. Unless I watch something truly amazing over the weekend, Monday’s film will be the Muppets, which will probably only be in cinemas for a couple more days I think, so nip out now (or tomorrow, it’s pretty late) if you want to see it on the big screen.

So, yay me! I’m off to bed to sleep the sleep of the not-behind.

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