September 2012 Update

August was a pivotal month for the blog, so I’ve decided to start doing a regular update, to let you know my progress through my menagerie of film lists, and the state of my mental well-being because of them.

So why was this month so important? Well not only did I return from a brief hiatus spawned by film-exhaustion (a term I’m tempted to coin, meaning the period of blase nonchalance one feels after having seen far too many films in a short space of time), but August was also the month in which I passed the 1,000 films to go mark on my combined list of 1300+ films to get through. Granted, I’ve still got an awful lot of films to watch, and many that have been seen still haven’t been reviewed, but I’m no longer battling against a four-digit number, which pleases me no end. I’ve also just surpassed the 500 comments mark, so I’d like to give a quick thanks to everyone who’s visited and commented on my posts, even if over 40% of those were just on my Prometheus Plot Holes post. Also, thanks for mostly being complimentary, and only a couple being insulting. I don’t mind the negative ones, sometimes they’re funny, but often they’re a little disheartening too. I know I’m not the greatest reviewer in the world, but I like films and don’t have too many people to discuss them with, hence why I’m here.
List-wise, my attentions have been largely elsewhere in the past month, so I didn’t actually review that many from the List (though I saw a few that should be appearing soon). Feel free to go back and check out my posts on Rabbit Proof Fence, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Transformers if you like, as well as some more recent, unlisted film in the likes of The Descendants and The Dark Knight Rises, and my first Guaranteed Happiness film, Wall-E.
Last month I also began my journey through the cinematic careers of some of my favourite film-makers. So far, I’ve caught one of Hitchcock’s early silents, The Ring, re-watched the Coens’ Blood Simple, discovered George Clooney dying in the first 10 minutes of the abominable Return to Horror High, seen Steve McQueen play a bit-part in Somebody Up There Likes Me and Kate Winslet being a mentally unstable child in Heavenly Creatures. Next up are Hitchcock’s Champagne and The Farmer’s Wife, the Coens’ Raising Arizona, Clooney in Combat Academy, McQueen in The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery and Winslet in A Kid in King Arthur’s Court.
The eagle-eyes amongst you may have noticed a new tab at the top, entitles My Top 100. This is a list of the best films, in my opinion, that I’ve reviewed so far. Or at least, the ones that I’ve reviewed to what I consider a good enough standard, hence why the likes of 12 Angry Men and Sideways aren’t on there, as both of those great films have been dealt the cruel hand of being reviewed, and I use the term loosely, very early on in my blogging career, and will I assure you be re-visited at a later date.
Outside of the world of films, I turned 25 last month, prompting the individual rebel grey hairs dotting my head to finally get themselves organised and form factions around my ears, where I can hear them plotting a pincer movement to slowly take over my entire body. And so begins the slow descent into middle age.

4 thoughts on “September 2012 Update

  1. Keep up the good work. At only 25 you actually have a decent chance at completing your mission. Those grey hairs just mean accumulating wisdom, they should be treasured, not pinced 🙂

  2. I really enjoy reading your posts. I like that you have the "coming soon" section on the sidebar. It definitely is no small feat to watch all of these movies. I'm constantly playing catch up to posting reviews compared to the movies I've watched. I'm so far behind right now it's not even funny. Keep up the good work and at 25 you are already way ahead of me.

  3. Thanks Shane. I appreciate you reading. Some of those movies in the 'Coming Soon' section have been there for a few months now, but reat assured I'll get to them eventually!

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