Technically, this is my 500th post, but in some ways it’s also my first, as it’s the inaugural post written on my site’s new home, lifevsfilm.com. For newcomers, welcome, make yourself at home. For old friends, welcome to my new address. There’s no need for any New Home greetings cards, and don’t expect to receive any New Address notifications in the post either, I’m sure you’ll find me if you want to.


At present, this site is nowhere near ready to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting public, but it shall be unleashed anyway, and I’ll iron out the bugs/finish building the thing as I go, so don’t worry if anything isn’t as you think it should be just yet, it’ll get there soon enough. Anyway, enough rambling, I’m here to write about films, and that’s what I’m going to do.

16 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. HELLO!!!!! I’m glad to see that you’re not leaving the world of writing about movies on the internet forever, just changing locales and taking a break. I look forward to checking out your site as it develops!

    • Thanks Siobhan! The site development is going to be a slow progress – WordPress is more different to Blogger than I was expecting, and I tend to get frustrated with change – but don’t you worry, I’ll be sticking around for a little while longer yet!

    • Sorry about that Steve. If it helps, I couldn’t get the export/import blogroll to work from Blogger to WordPress, so I had to manually redo my entire list.

  2. I’ve had to change your address on my blogroll and everything. Selfish. I’ve been thinking about going .com for a while too. You’ll have to let me know how it works out in terms of traffic and stuff.

    • Sorry for the inconvenience Tom, I really am. I had to change all of my blogroll, so you got off easy! Currently traffic is down massively, but then the majority of my pageviews came from image searches/my Prometheus plot holes post, which still gets at least hundreds of views a day for some unknown reason.

      • Gosh! That’s not bad. I don’t think I’ve ever had a single post top 100 views in a day. I’m sure it will pick up once you get more stuff over here. Unfortunately attheback.com isn’t available so I’d have to alter my name slightly. That’s putting me off a domain.

      • It’s a bit ridiculous, one post has had almost a fifth of all my page views, ever, and it hasn’t even been up for a year. I got lucky with an early screening and posted it before Prometheus was in cinemas, and I think a couple of forums got hold of it. Either, way, it’s also got hundreds of comments (blogger gave up posting them at 212), mainly with people calling me an idiot or arguing. I’m proud to say I responded to pretty much all of them.

        That sucks about attheback.com already being taken, especially seeing as someone just seems to be holding it and not actually using it. Maybe you could contact them and buy it off them?

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