Vote for me on the Lamb Character Actor Draft!

I recently appeared on another episode of the Lambcast, this time discussing character actors along with Dan Heaton of Public Transportation Snob, Nick Powell of The Cinematic Katzenjammer and Dylan Fields of Man I Love Films. We each picked a dream roster of North American character actors to populate a mythical film, selecting from various age groups, and with an In Memoriam round, and you can go vote on who selected the best lineup here:


Obviously the choice is easy, as my list is comprised of such greats as Ernest Borgnine, Gene Hackman, Sam Elliott, James Woods, Yaphet Kotto, Stanley Tucci, John Hawkes, Christopher McDonald and Giovanni Ribisi. There isn’t a weak link amongst them, and if you look at the films these guys have made between them you get some terrific performances. Here’s a quick five from each actor, to really showcase the power of this cast:

Ernest Borgnine

the-wild-bunch-ernest-borgnine-2The Wild Bunch
The Dirty Dozen
Escape From New York
Flight of the Phoenix

Gene Hackman

frenchconnection2The French Connection
The Royal Tenenbaums
Get Shorty
The Poseidon Adventure

Sam Elliott

sam-elliott-posterThe Big Lebowski
Road House
Thank You For Smoking
We Were Soldiers

James Woods

large_videodrome_blu-ray_2xAny Given Sunday
Once Upon A Time in America
The Virgin Suicides

Yaphet Kotto

large live and let die blu-ray3Alien
Midnight Run
Live and Let Die
The Running Man

Stanley Tucci

stanley-tucci-as-eric-dale-in-margin-callThe Lovely Bones
The Core
The Devil Wears Prada
Easy A
Margin Call

John Hawkes

o-THE-SESSIONS-JOHN-HAWKES-facebookThe Perfect Storm
Martha Marcy May Marlene
Winter’s Bone
The Sessions

Christopher McDonald

fhd000DFR_Christopher_McDonald_001Thelma and Louise
Requiem for a Dream
Quiz Show
Happy Gilmore
Broken Flowers

Giovanni Ribisi

fhd003LIT_Giovanni_Ribisi_002Saving Private Ryan
Gone in 60 Seconds
Public Enemies
Lost in Translation

Also, it’s worth just heading to the LAMB and listening to the episode, as there’s some good discussion between us all about character actors in general, so go check it out. But after you’ve voted for me.

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