Lambcast #201 Timecop MOTM

So… remember back in my Plans for 2014 page I mentioned I’d be talking about podcasts more this year? Well it turns out there was a reason behind that. As of last week I am now the host of the Lambcast, the primary podcast for the LAMB, the Large Association of Movie Blogs, after the previous host Dylan Fields of Man I love Films opted to retire after 200 episodes.
The first episode of my tenure has just been released – after I hastily learned how exactly one edits and uploads a podcast – and it can be listened to here:

It’s all about the 1994 sci-fi ‘classic’ Timecop, which was voted Movie of the Month after Dan Heaton championed it several times. Dan and I were joined by Jess, Robert and Bubbawheat to bring this masterpiece to justice.

Also, be sure to head on over to the Lamb to vote on the next movie of the month. There’s a nice little selection over there, so this should make for an interesting contest.

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