Sedmikrásky (Daisies)

Two girls, both named Marie (Jitka Cerhová & Ivana Karbanová) decide that since the world has gone bad, surely they must be allowed to as well. Thus initiates a series of increasingly anarchic and madcap escapades as the two wreck havoc wherever they go.
daisies bikinis
I’m getting a bit tired of reviewing the artsy side of the 1001 List, as I feel like I’m covering the same ground over and over again. It doesn’t have a plot, and therefore I hate it. Nothing makes any sense, and therefore I hate it. The central “characters” are irritating and selfish, forever seeking their own entertainment at the pain of others, and therefore I hate it. I suppose that’s why I’m doing this “Bad” movies series, to get them out the way with and onto the good stuff, but even at a rate of one a month this feels like too much.
daisies feet
Granted Daisies does have some fun to it that’s been missing from the likes of Koyaanisqatsi or Sans Soleil. Before watching this, Steve from 1001Plus told me it’s basically like a live-action cartoon, and I can see what he means. The two Maries spend the whole film running around and getting up to numerous absurd antics, culminating in a giant food fight, but before that there’s one scene in particular that I didn’t altogether hate, even going so far as to say I sort of enjoyed it, up to a point.
daisies head
I can’t recall the context, because I’m not even sure this film had any, but there’s a scene that involved one of the girls, who in my notes is described as “White Dress” attacking the other Marie, or “Black Dress” with a pair of scissors, and cutting off her dress. This leads to a scissor-cutting fight between the two, that builds to them cutting one another’s body parts off, even their heads. It’s a fun sequence that came from an unexpected direction, but it too quickly descended into the whole scene being cut up and thrown around as though in a kaleidoscope.
I’m not sure what the point of the film was, and I don’t plan to watch it again, but it wasn’t the worst of the so-called “Bad” movies I’ve seen so far. I still didn’t like it though.

Choose Life 3/10

5 thoughts on “Sedmikrásky (Daisies)

  1. We’ll disagree on this one. I rather liked it. There are parts that go on too long, but for when and where it was made, it was incredibly transgressive and feminist in its outlook. There’s a lot going on here for a short film, ahd while it’s not one I’m rushing out to watch again, I found a lot of it really interesting and entertaining.

    But hey, if we always agreed, one of us would be unnecessary.

    • I always forget the “when it was made” perspective, and you’re right, this should be praised for its progressiveness. I still didn’t enjoy it though.

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