Is 3D killing cinema?

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I wanted to see Tangled. We want to see it in 2D, as I refuse to pay an extra £2.00 per person to see the exact same film (£3.00 if you include the glasses), with an added third dimension. I don’t care if it’s more immersive, it’s the same film, I don’t care. It’s just another way of draining my hard earned money out of my pocket, where it’s busy keeping the moths warm. However, the optimum times for watching the film were only showing in 3D, so we didn’t go, we went home and watched Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer instead. I may never forgive cinema. We’re going to see it tonight instead, in 2D, but if we weren’t such social outcasts that we didn’t have two consecutive weekend evenings free, we wouldn’t see it, and the Gods of Movies would never see our readies.

Why should I be punished for not wanting to watch in 3D? All you people excited to see the next revolution in cinema can just shush, it’s not that big a revolution, and I really hope they stop making films in 3D, I feel it adds nothing to the experience, save forcing me to wear my contacts instead of glasses, else I must commit the fashion faux pas of the double-spectacles. Anyway, I demand that cinemas provide equal rights for both 2D and 3D viewers. Let us make our own minds up about how we want to watch it, don’t force 3D on us, or you;ll lose our business.

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