The King’s Speech/12 Angry Men

I’m still working on the full list, its quite long so may take a while to sort through any duplications, but suffice to say I’m thinking I’ve bitten off slightly more than I can chew, as I haven’t heard of many of the 1001 Films to See Before You Die, let alone seen.

I have already started the challenge though, with I think the only film on the list to still be in cinemas, The King’s Speech, featuring in Empire’s 5 Star 500. I was very impressed with the picture, especially Colin Firth’s performance as King George VI, much deserving of it’s recent awards and probable Oscar. I was also pleased to see Helena Bonham Carter, proving she doesn’t need a manic character and silly wig to be captivating, leaving me wishing she who plays straight more often. I was however disappointed with Guy Pearce and Timothy Spall, seemingly playing caricatures of King Edward VIII and Winston Churchill respectively. Pearce especially seemed to be doing his best Terry-Thomas impersonation, unable to remove the silver spoon from his backside. Choose Film 7/10

I’ve also crossed off one of my favourite films, 12 Angry Men. I adore this film, and find it incredible that it can be so enthralling, yet only uses 12 actors, a couple of props and largely one very small location. The performances are superb, as the 12 jurors decide the fate of a young boy’s life. I love how Sidney Lumet cunningly moves the walls in and the camera closer and lower as the scenes progress, to enhance the claustrophobia of the situation. Choose Film 9/10

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