Something to look forward to

So I was checking my LoveFilm today to see what the next titles being sent to me were, and I spied a title I didn’t immediately recognise. Normally, I don’t look into such things, other than perhaps the language and the runtime, but today my curiosity was peaked by the title Night and Fog. In the description, the film is described as being “an unsettling view of life inside the Nazi concentration camps of World War II” and various reviews use terms like “horrendous”, “unimaginable horror” and “extremely traumatic images”, whilst still giving the film 5 stars. This film, along with two by my most decidedly not favourite filmmaker Luis Bunuel, the surrealist visionary/whack-job crackpot behind L’Age d’Or, and Un Chien Andalou, should arrive tomorrow, and will undoubtedly make for a most entertaining and not at all suicide-inducing Friday night in. Sometimes I do love this list.

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