Hi everyone. Just a little note to say that there may not be an awful lot happening here for a little while, as I’m getting a bit burned out and rushed off my feet with other projects, so much so that I’ve not actually sat down and watched a film for well over a week now, which is pretty huge for me. Reviews are going to pop up sporadically for a bit (I’ve got my tickets for The Dark Knight Rises on Friday) but it’s unlikely that there will be a Top 5 or anything else for a week or two whilst I get some things settled at home. Sorry about that. Hopefully I’ll see you all soon. J

10 thoughts on “TTFN

  1. Real life has a way of doing that sometimes. I'm coming back to blogging after getting derailed by real life for about two years, so I hear you.Our local theater is showing Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises as a trilogy on Thursday night. You better believe I'm going to that.

  2. Tomorrow marks 7 weeks since I last went to the cinema (Prometheus), and I've had some very busy weekends in the past few weeks, plus my workload has just picked up considerably at work, so I need some time to recover I think. Plus that long list of films on the right are all from the List, and are in desperate need of reviewing, so until I've run it down a bit I don't think I'll be doing much else!

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