November 2012 Update

Welcome to November everyone! Unfortunately, October was not as successful post-wise as September, as my write-a-post-a-day plan stumbled and fell, but I did managed to put up 18 reviews and 4 top 5s, so it wasn’t too bad I suppose.

List-wise, I reviewed Blackmail, The Shining, North By Northwest, Top Gun, Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht, Gimme Shelter, Hamlet, The Magnificent Seven, Superman Returns, Casino Royale and Songs From The Second Floor.

That’s 6 from 1001, 6 from the Empire Top 500, 4 from the Empire 5-Star 500 and 2 from the Total Film Top 100. I’d hoped to cross off more from 1001, seeing as that’s the most I still have to go through, but hey ho.

As for my Film-Makers, I crossed off Kate Winslet’s Hamlet and Holy Smoke, Steve McQueen’s The Magnificent Seven and Hell Is For Heroes, Alfred Hitchcock’s The Manxman, Blackmail and North By Northwest, and George Clooney’s Red Surf. I’ve decided to hold fire on Clooney and the Coen brothers for now, so I’m not spinning too many plates simultaneously, but they’ll be the next people I go through once I’ve finished McQueen and Hitchcock.

Off the lists, I watched The Brothers Bloom and Looper, and saw Kiss Kiss Bang Bang for the episode of the Lambcast I appeared on.

And for my Top 100 films reviewed, Silver Lode, Mad Max, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Babel, Ring, Iron Man 2, Good Morning, Vietnam were knocked off by Casino Royale, The Magnificent Seven, The Brothers Bloom, The Shining, Looper, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and North By Northwest.

2 thoughts on “November 2012 Update

  1. And I thought I was being a little schizophrenic by actively working 2-3 lists at a time. :-)By the way, I thought of another Time Travel movie when I was brainstorming for my next category – Time Travel on a Budget (partially influenced by your recent post, as well as my liking for the movie Safety Not Guaranteed). That movie is 11 Minutes Ago. I will be reviewing it in a week or two, along with Safety Not Guaranteed and the other film I mentioned to you (Timecrimes).

  2. Yeah, I don't really do things by halves, I've got 7 lists going simultaneously, not including Clooney or the Coens. If there's a way that I can bite off more than I can chew, rest assured that I wil :)I can't find 11 Minutes Ago on LoveFilm, but I've added it to my general To Watch list, thanks for the recommendation. I'm looking forward to seeing Safety Not Guaranteed too.

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