HitchcOctober #2: Pre-View

HitchcOctober is back! It’s my second annual celebration of the films of Alfred Hitchcock, and this year I’m trying to finish them all. I’ve got eight films left to review, plus a few others that are tangentially related that might get thrown into the mix as well. Of those left there’s a couple I’ve seen before, including a personal favourite, a few I’ve got no idea about, and at least one that I can’t actually get hold of yet, but will try and track down by the end of the month. This time last year it was on Youtube, but alas it’s no longer available. A few of those remaining are also on some of the other lists I’m going through, so multiple birds are being killed with far few stones.
murderTo see how last year’s HitchcOctober went, check out this post ranking all the Hitchcock movies I’d seen by the end of October 2014. You can also find links to all my Hitchcock reviews on this page.

This is going to be a very busy month for me regardless of Hitchcock, with a LAMB meet-up, a John Carpenter retrospective for the Lambcast and a few days spend visiting other family members. Last October saw me posting a review every day and I had intended to do the same thing this month in an effort to catch up on everything I’m behind on, but it’s just not feasible. If I really put the effort in and made a commitment to it I could probably make this a proper Non-Stoptober of posting every day, but I guarantee I’d end up getting frustrated and pissed off et everything, so I’m not even going to try. Plus that’d also mean I’d have to write five posts today to cover the next few days of limited laptop time, and I’ve got enough to do today as it is.

However many posts I write, I hope you enjoy a pleasant HitchcOctober.

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