July 2016 Update

Brace yourself for some first world problems people!

I went for a run on Saturday. You see, we’ve been having our bathroom redecorated for over three months now and, due to numerous scheduling issues with the various tradesmen involved, we’ve been without a shower for the past month. This means for the past few weeks when I’ve wanted to clean myself it has been with the aid of a bath, and being a little on the larger side than most I find the act of getting into and out of a bath to be awkward and cumbersome, and often resulted in great deals of splashing. I’m a fan of having a shower, so 30 days of baths has been less than ideal. Then, on Friday, our new shower was fitted, so Saturday morning I decided to really maximise the potential of this month-in-waiting shower. So I went for a run. My first run in months, mainly because I get very sweaty when exercising (I believe I covered this recently) and didn’t fancy the idea of bathing in that sweat post-run. The intention for this run was for it to be a kind of warm-up, a breaking-in gently back into the world of exercise, given all I ever normally do is cycle, and that uses completely different muscles (FYI, I have amazing calves. You can cut cheese with them.). In reality, however, I got lost. As such the run, which devolved into a jog, then a walk, then a sort of prolonged stumble, ended up lasting almost two hours and traversed me approximately nine miles, including one big unintentional loop around a residential area I barely knew existed before. I’ve never regretted living at the top of a big hill more than when I finally made my way home. I’d made my daily FitBit target of 12,000 steps before 8:30 am, which is ridiculous. The only problem was I didn’t cool down properly afterwards, so whilst the post-run shower was easily one of the best I’ve ever had, what really would have been useful to ease my aching joints would have been a nice long soak in the bath.

Remember when I did really well and met all my targets in June? Suffice to say July was a little less successful. In that I reviewed a total of two movies for the whole month. I wrote more weekly updates than I did actual reviews. This is not how things should be going. I think in the future if a Friday evening arrives and I’ve not written any reviews to link to, instead of an update I’ll cross something off my review pile and roll the update along a day or so. This is just getting silly.

Aim: Review 8 or 9 1001 List movies each month
Reviewed: 2
The Towering Inferno
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover
Successful?: No!

Aim: Review 1 “Bad” movie each month
Reviewed: 1
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover
Successful?: Yes!

Aim: Review 1 “Blind Spot” movie each month
Reviewed: 0
Successful?: No!

Aim: Review 2 “Film-Makers” movies each month
Reviewed: 1
The Towering Inferno
Successful?: No!

Aim: Read A New-To-Me Book
Read: 0
I’ve started The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), but am not even halfway through it. This has been a busy old month work-wise, with nary a lunch break to provide me with 30 minutes of reading.
Successful?: No!

Aim: Visit Somewhere New
Visited: Other than getting lost on the aforementioned run, nowhere.
Successful?: No!

This has been a pretty abysmal month all round blog-wise. If it hadn’t been for the London screening of Vigilante I’d have very few positive things to say at all. August is my birthday month however, so let’s see what delights the next few weeks will bring! Come back in a month to see how far I’ve gone off the tracks.

2 thoughts on “July 2016 Update

  1. Jay, I could picture your running story and that is hilarious. Two hours?? how do you even manage that? You must have been really damn lost haha

    • Yep, I was well and truly lost. I went along the river we walked down when you visited, but went right to the far end and kept going, came out at a residential estate and temporarily forgot that the backroads of Bournemouth were a template for Daedalus’ labyrinth. Fortunately I successfully evaded the minotaur… this time.

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