Portal 2

Let’s take a moment to stop watching films off the life-impeding list, and talk about video games. Although I don’t get to play on the PS3 as often as I’d like, when I do I like nothing better than to settle down with a bout of Portal (or Half Life 2) widely believed to be one of the greatest computer games of all time. A sequel has been supposedly in development for many, many agonising years, and now it would appear that a release date has been set. “But wait!” I hear you cry, “surely this is a blog about films? I mean, the blog has the word ‘film’ in it, and every post to date has mentionned nothing but them!” and yes, I would admit that you are correct, but I feel this post complies within these rules, as recently it was announced that Portal 2 will feature the voiceovers of both Stephen Merchant and, epicly, J.K. Simmons, one of my favourite character actors, of whom I have been a fan from his work in the Spiderman films and the work of Jason Reitman (Thank You For Smoking, Juno, Up In the Air). Upon it’s release (April this year, but I think that’s just in America) you can expect my Challenge watching to decrease for a little while, but fear not, I shall do my best to keep watching and letting you know if they’re any good or not, as well as probably updating you on the hopefully-awesome game.

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