Top 5… Films of the Film-Makers I’m Watching

I know what you’re thinking: “A Top 5? On a Monday? Madness!” and you’re correct. However, this isn’t any old Top 5. No, it’s a Top 5 that’s actually five Top 5s, all of which are likely to change over the next few months. Basically, as regular readers will know I’ve recently decided to watch all of the films by some of my favourite film-makers, but I thought I’d give you all a taste of my opinions of them before I completely submerge myself. So, below, are my current Top 5 lists of the films of George Clooney, the Coen brothers, Alfred Hitchcock, Steve McQueen and Kate Winslet. I’ll re-do each person’s list once I’ve finished all of their films. Chances are, if you’re favourite of their films isn’t on any of the lists then I haven’t watched it yet. Or you’re wrong.
George Clooney
5. From Dusk Till Dawn – and no, not just because of Salma Hayek’s dance. Although partly for that.
4. Up in the Air – Clooney’s best role? Discuss…
3. O Brother, Where Art Thou? – Clooney’s best work with the Coen’s, although it didn’t make it onto their shortlist.
2. Ocean’s Eleven – Hell, I didn’t even mind the sequels that much
1. Out of Sight – The best film J-Lo’s ever been in, but only because of everyone else that’s in it.
Coen Brothers
5. No Country for Old Men – Bleak, beautiful, brilliant.
4. Miller’s Crossing – Love it, though still not entirely sure what a ‘rumpus’ is.
3. The Big LebowskiA cult classic that truly deserves to have it’s own festival.
2. The Hudsucker Proxy – Unusually high, but Paul Newman and Jennifer Jason Leigh are perfect in this film. Expect Newman to be a future film-maker I follow.
1. Fargo – It’s just wonderful, and kinda funny-looking.
Alfred Hitchcock
5. Psycho – It’s been a while, so this probably deserves to be higher. Just be grateful it’s here, this was nearly The Trouble with Harry.
4. Rope – The best single-shot-but-not-really film I’ve ever seen (and the only).
3. Rear Window – A gripping tale told from a single location, and the viewpoint of Jimmy Stewart in his and Hitch’s greatest collaboration.
2. Dial ‘M’ For Murder – Just like President Bartlett, I like the bit with the key.
1. North by Northwest – Cinematic gold. Forget plausibility, this is sheer entertainment.
Steve McQueen
5. Bullitt – Only here because I’ve only seen 5 of McQueen’s films. For me, it’s far too confusing and the car chase is severely over-rated.
4. Papillon – The book is great, as are McQueen and Dustin Hoffman’s performances.
3. The Magnificent Seven – Brynner, McQueen, Coburn, Vaughn, Brosnan and the other two. Anyone else that Tom Cruise is looking to get this remade? Sacriledge.
2. The Towering Inferno – Quite possibly the greatest disaster movie ever made. Certainly the best to feature O. J. Simpson and Fred Astaire.
1. The Great Escape – My all-time favourite film (at the moment, anyway). This has everything you could possibly want from a film.
Kate Winslet
5. Flushed Away – Well it’s an Aardman film, so I couldn’t ignore it, even if it’s not brilliant.
4. Little Children – Brilliant cast, but it’s Will Lyman’s narration that I truly love. Is there any way he can narrate my life?
3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – The most enjoyable, and emotional, mind-fuck you’ll ever want to have again.
2. Romance and Cigarettes – Christopher Walken, singing and dancing to Tom Jones’ Delilah. Sold.
1. Titanic – I will never be ashamed of loving this movie, it’s far greater than it’s cool to admit.

2 thoughts on “Top 5… Films of the Film-Makers I’m Watching

  1. This is me flailing wildly at someone else showing The Hudsucker Proxy some love. I adore that film, but it so often gets brushed to the side in light of the Coen's darker stuff. Internet high five, man.I once did a double feature in theaters of "The Prince & Me" followed by "Eternal Sunshine." I saw "The Prince & Me" with friends from school because they wanted to see it. I then stayed at the theater to see "Eternal Sunshine" by myself because *I* wanted to see it. Guess which one was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the other. My friends have no taste.

  2. Internet high five willing received and reciprocated. I've loved Hudsucker since the first time I saw it, I've no idea why it isn't more highly regarded! Also, why are so few Coen films on the 1001 List? It's a travesty.

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