6 Degrees of Separation Blogathon

SixDegreesofSeparationBlogathonLogoIt’s been a while since I’ve gotten involved in this kind of blogathon, however when Tom from At The Back nominated me, I couldn’t resist. It’s been set up by Nostra at My Film Views, and the original post can be viewed here. Essentially, this blogathon asks each participant to connect one actor/actress/director/movie to another actor/actress/director/movie in six connections or less. I’ve been asked to connect The Birth of a Nation to Daniel Bruhl, because apparently I did something wrong in a past life, and am now being punished for it.

Before I begin, here are the other bloggers who have taken part so far:

Drew from A Fistful of Films
Sati from Cinematic Corner
Alex from And So It Begins
Steven from Surrender to the Void
Chris from Movies and Songs 365
Josh from The Cinematic Spectacle
Shane from Film Actually
Tom from At The Back

I don’t doubt that there’s probably a much faster route to take for this connection, however, this was the chain I chose:

1. The Birth of a Nation featured Mae Marsh as Flora Cameron.
I’ll be honested, I’ve not seen The Birth of a Nation. I fully intend to – it’s on the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die list – but as such I had to head to IMDb for assistance in this matter, and several others to come. Mae Marsh was a name I’d never heard before this endeavour.

2. Mae Marsh appeared as Mrs. Gates in Fort Apache, alongside Henry Fonda as Lt. Col. Owen Thursday.
I’ve also never seen Fort Apache, but I do own a copy on DVD.

3. Henry Fonda played the President in Meteor, alongside Sean Connery as Paul Bradley.
Meteor sounds like the kind of ridiculous disaster movie I’d love, so I intend to track it down one day, especially if it stars Connery.

4. Sean Connery was directed by Steven Spielberg in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.04
And finally we get to a movie I’ve seen! Hurrah! Last Crusade is a close second for me amongst the Indiana Jones movies (it’s then a long drop to Temple of Doom at a distant third, with Crystal Skull nowhere to be seen). Connery was a perfect addition to the franchise, and I loved his rapport with Harrison Ford, playing his son.

5. Steven Spielberg had a brief cameo as himself in Austin Powers in Goldmember, starring Mike Myers.
The Austin Powers movies may not be the greatest of all time, but I’ve got a soft spot for at least the opening to Goldmember, in which a movie is being made of Powers’ life, starring Tom Cruise, Gwyneth Paltrow (as Dixie Normous), Kevin Spacey (Dr. Evil) and Danny DeVito (Mini Me). The movie-within-a-movie is being directed by none other than Steven Spielberg.

6. Similarly, Mike Myers had a cameo in Inglourious Basterds as General Ed Fenech, which also featured Daniel Bruhl as Fredrick Zoller.06For the Bruhl connection I think Basterds was the best way to go in terms of the number of big-name stars I could use. I could also have gone to Adam Goldberg in Two Days in Paris, who would then of course connect to Spielberg in Saving Private Ryan.

I’m now going to pass the challenge onto Steve Honeywell at 1001Plus. Steve, your challenge is to connect Daniel Bruhl with Vinnie Jones.

5 thoughts on “6 Degrees of Separation Blogathon

  1. Interesting to see you used a couple of movies you had not seen (have not seen those either). Thanks for participating in this one. Can you please add a link to the original post so the readers can also follow the other 5 instances which were started in that post. Thanks!

    • Sorry, I thought I’d put the original link in. It’s done now.

      I had to use some films I hadn’t seen, mainly because I hadn’t seen the starting point or pretty much any film someone working in that has been involved in! The only D.W. Griffith film I’ve seen so far is Broken Blossoms. I’m working on watching more older films.

      This was a fun blogathon, thanks for creating it!

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