The Best of Youth

Matteo and Nicola Caratis (Alessio Boni and Luigi Lo Cascio) are brothers growing up in 1960s Italy. In the summer of ’66, that lesser known Bryan Adams song, Nicola becomes one step closer to becoming a doctor, so he and his older brother, who unbeknownst to Nicola has just walked out of his own exam, plan to go on a celebratory vacation to Norway with their two friends. However Matteo, who has been working as a carer looking after mentally disabled people, discovers his latest patient, Giorgia (Jasmine Trinca) has been undergoing forced electroshock therapy, so he breaks her out of her institution with plans of returning her to her family whilst on the trip. What occurs on this holiday sets Matteo and Nicola on vastly different paths, which are subsequently documented over the next four decades, following not just the two brothers, but also their friends, sisters, parents, lovers and, eventually, children.The-Best-of-Youth
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