The Killing of a Chinese Bookie

A smalltime L.A. strip club owner out celebrating after settling his gambling debts soon finds himself at a poker table with the mafia. Things don’t turn out too well, and he ends up deeper in their pocket than intended. Instead of paying his way out, they offer him a deal – if he kills the eponymous small time Chinese bookie then his debt will be cleared. Initially the man is reluctant to take the deal, but once he accepts, the assassination attempt doesn’t play out exactly as planned.1097111382_00d0b674c6_b Continue reading

Death Game

Ten strangers, all in need of money for various reasons, all apply for the same mysterious job, paying ¥112,000 (£744) per hour, for seven days. Upon arriving at the remote location they are instructed to enter an underground facility, into which they will be locked with only some simple rules to live by. Firstly, they must be in bed with the lights off by 10:00pm, and secondly, any incidents that arise must be dealt with by voting, with the ‘detective’ and ‘criminal’ in each case being rewarded. The doors will open again week, or when there are only two inhabitants left alive. Oh, and there’s a ceiling-mounted robot that patrols the    complex, that will enforce the rules if required.DG01 Continue reading

Adventures in podcasting

Hi everyone, apologies for not putting up any new content for a while, I’m in the middle of moving house, and there probably won’t be anything up for a few more days yet. If you really miss me that much, you can listen to me on the most recent episode of the Lambcast, on which I discussed the most recent film I’d watched alongside Dylan and Kai from Man I Love Films, Iba from I Luv Cinema and Nick from Your Face.
Alternatively, I recently sat down with Bubbawheat from Flights, Tights and Movie Nights to record an episode of his excellent FilmWhys podcast, upon which we discussed the Sidney Lumet classic 12 Angry Men, as well as the far cheesier but still great 1978 Superman movie, which I’d never seen before. We also meandered around the topic of superhero movies in general, and I managed to get the new Lego film in there too, as I am wont to do.

So, apologies again, but you can look forward to some coming reviews for the aforementioned Superman and 12 Angry Men, as well as a few others that have stacked up during the move. Until then, you can either go back through my archives (which I’m still re-linking after the site move, sorry for that too), or you can just go and check someone else’s site out instead. Or, you know, go watch a film, read a book, spend some more time with the kids, or go fix that shelf you’ve been meaning to get to for about a year know. This is the perfect opportunity, as soon as you can remember where you put those nails.