March 2016 Update

Three months into the year and I’m already a solid month behind on my progress through the 1001 Movies list. At least in March I was able to catch up to where I should have been at the end of February, but I didn’t exceed that target. And even more annoyingly, March featured the glory of Easter’s 4-day weekend, only for it to be squandered on spending time with family and recording podcasts. Over that whole weekend I watched one feature-length film (Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice) and one animated short on TV one evening (Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers). One of those things is infinitely better than the other, but regardless of how much I love Aardman’s stop motion hilarity, it didn’t make up for a frittered away expanse that should have been spent watching movies. Anyway, here’s the tally for the month:
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