La Jetee

Before the outbreak of World War 3, a young boy had a vivid experience wherein he witnessed a man dying at the end of a pier, but it was the expression on the face of a nearby woman that has become indelibly lodged in his brain. Years later, in a post-apocalyptic world where the only survivors live underground, scientists experiment on others in an effort to find someone who can assist with humanity’s predicament by going back in time to before the cataclysmic events.
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Sans Soleil

According to Wikipedia, Chris Marker’s Sans Soleil (literally translating as “Sunless”) is ” meditation on the human nature of memory,” so it seems only fitting how little I can remember of this film. As such this a review I’ll be writing more to cross it off than to say I’ve seen it, as what little I can recall is not something I wish to experience again.  sans_soleil
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