Le Cercle Rouge

Corey (Alain Delon) has just been released from prison after 5 years, but not before one of the guards tells him about a job on the outside – a jewellery heist – that needs someone of his talents. Corey seems hesitant but, after an altercation with his former boss, who is now sleeping with Corey’s girl, he buys a car and heads out of town. Meanwhile, Vogel (Gian Maria Volonté) has been arrested, and is being transported by train by Le Commissaire Matteito (Bourvil) to be questioned and potentially sentenced. However, on the journey Vogel escapes and, by sheer coincidence, hides out in Corey’s car, which initially proves a problem for Corey, but perhaps these two can work together on the planned burglary?
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Bob le Flambeur

Bob (Roger Duchesne) is an ageing gangster who, despite being a criminal, is generally a fairly decent guy. He did time for a robbery 20 years ago, but seems to have calmed down in his accelerating years. Paolo (Daniel Cauchy) is his protégé, and Bob has a friend in the police, whose life he saved many years ago. Bob’s one weakness is gambling and, for some time now, he’s been on a horrific losing streak, unable to pick up a single hand. When a situation arises in which Bob needs some money, he, Paolo and a few others concoct a one-last-job scheme to knock over a casino and set them up for life. bob Continue reading