My Week in Movies, 2015 Week 33

Sleep. Yes, I’m still on that topic. I’m pretty sure I think about sleep more than I actually partake in it, hence why it’s the subject of my opening paragraph two weeks in a row. After last week’s lamentation of its necessity, this week I’m celebrating it, or more to the point how much of it I’ll be getting tonight. You see, normally I stay up late most nights and get up early and grumpy the next day. Since we got Murphy, I unwittingly and unknowingly pulled the shortest straw in history by somehow being volunteered to walk him every morning. I’m not sure how we came to this conclusion, seeing as I start work at 8:30 am every day, after a 45 minute commute via bicycle, whereas my partner starts at 9:00am after a ten minute drive, yet still I’m the one who walks him. I don’t mind all that much, and heaven knows I need to exercise, but to even it out a little I’ve coerced Aisha into agreeing to walk the furry little beast twice a week, so every Tuesday and Friday I’ll be getting an extra half an hour in bed, starting tomorrow. And to fully take advantage, tonight I’ve also showered and made my lunch for tomorrow, to reduce the number of activities required pre-work tomorrow morning. If there was some way I could eat my breakfast tonight, I’d do it. As such, there’s a very real danger that tonight I’ll be getting a full 8 hours of sleep, and on a week night no less. I genuinely don’t know the last time that happened. As such, I’m going to rattle on through this post before being welcomed into the loving embrace of my bed. Here’s what I watched this week:
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