My Week in Movies, 2015 Week 26

OK, this looks bad, but I didn’t intend to cheat. A few weeks ago I pledged to get caught up on everything by the last Monday in June, which was yesterday. That morning I had plans, oh such plans! I had three reviews to write and one film left to watch, which I believed I had more than enough time for if I properly utilised my half hour lunch break and an evening devoid of anything else that needed doing. And then Monday happened. Work was a busy, busy day. My lunch break existed for around 3 or 4 minutes of hastily cramming a disappointing sandwich into my munching maw, and the office was not left in a prompt fashion. On top of that, I’d promised my partner I’d assist her in making some chocolates she needed for a photo shoot at work – she works for the Marketing department of a nationwide Crafts store, and it being the hottest few days in June we’ve of course been preparing for the Christmas shoot – and the demand for the chocolates was brought forward from Friday to today. So I spent the evening looking at the clock every 30 seconds, convincing myself I still have time, I still have time, I still have… oh crap, it’s half past midnight. Hence why this weekly post didn’t go up on the regularly scheduled Monday. So you know what I did? I got all that shit done tonight instead. Film watched. Reviews written. Everything caught up with. Green ticks all over the shop. And it feels marvellous. I don’t even care that I STILL HAVEN’T EVEN OPENED LEGO JURASSIC WORLD YET. WHAT THE HELL. Here’s what I watched this week:
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The Incredible Shrinking Man

Scott Carey (Grant Williams) is an ordinary man living a good life with his wife Louisa (Randy Stuart). One day aboard his brother’s boat Scott is the only one on deck when they pass through a glittering radioactive mist. Six months later, Scott begins to shrink, which he finds both unusual and more than a little irritating.
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