The Kid with a Bike

Cyril Catoul (Thomas Doret) is a kid, who wants his bike. He left it at his father’s apartment, but no-one has heard from his Dad in a month. Cyril lives in an orphanage most of the time, but regularly escapes and goes searching for his father. On one such venture, when he goes to his father’s home and finds it empty and unrented, Cyril tries to gain protection from the kind people who run the orphanage by clutching onto a woman, Samantha (Cécile de France), who agrees to look after Cyril on weekends. She also tracks down his bike, from a man to whom Cyril’s father apparently sold it, but Cyril says this must be a lie, his Dad would never sell his bike, and even refuses to believe it even after he has found an advert his father posted selling the bicycle. Samantha tracks down Cyril’s father at a restaurant where he works, but he wants nothing to do with his son. Without a strong male role model, Cyril soon becomes embroiled in a small gang, led by Wes (Egon di Mateo).
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My Week in Movies, 2015 Week 27

What’s the point in doing something if it’s not a challenge? Where’s the difficulty in completing something you’re already on track for? Why do I insist on making life more difficult for myself?

Last week I celebrated finally catching up with all my aims for 2015’s mid-year point, albeit a little more than a day late, so seeing as I’m all caught up it seems stupid fair to add another goal to that mission of mine (not forgetting the October-centric HitchcOctober celebration too). I’ve mentioned my USA Road Trip series I write for French Toast Sunday on a semi-regular basis, wherein I’m travelling across America by reviewing a film set in each state, and I’ve decided that this is a mission I’m going to finish this year, so I’ve added it to the list down below. My main motivation for finishing the project is because the film I intend to finish on can also be found on the lists of “Bad” movies nominated by Chip and Steve, as well as one of the Nominated Movies from one of my blogging friends, so I kind of need to finish it this year just to make that all happen in sync. Oh, and an update for anyone who is interested, which I’m guessing is not too many of you, but I’ve nom opened and begun playing Lego Jurassic World. I’m up to the T-Rex breaking out of the paddock in JP1, and so far I’ve loved all of it. You start any game with me playing as Robert Muldoon and you’ve got a fan. Plus, Ellie’s special ability is watering plants, because she’s a paleobotanist, and Alan can build dinosaur skeletons with trampolines in them. Genius. Here’s what I watched this week:
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