Marcus (Vincent Cassel) is desperately trying to find someone, a man who has wronged him in some way. Pierre (Albert Dupontel) follows Marcus warily, clearly uncomfortable with the violent and aggressive manner in which Marcus is carrying out his mission. Who are they after? What did he do? And what will happen if they find him? All these questions are revealed as we weave our way backwards through the story.
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La Haine

The morning after a destructive rioting on a French housing estate, three youths involved – Jewish Vince, Arab Said and black Hubert – freefall through the aftermath as the community struggles to pick itself up. A gun was lost by a policeman, the gym the reformed Hubert built was trashed and Said is in bad need of a haircut. The 3 leads perform ably, particularly Vincent Cassel as the livewire yet inexperienced Vince, who does a pretty good De Niro impression when needed. There’re some nice comic touches – the three struggle to hot wire a car before realising no-one can drive – and the ending is abrupt, shocking yet completely fits.

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