Second Chance: Jurassic Park 3

Jurassic Park is one of those films that really should have stopped at just 1 film. As much as I do love the second film, adding an all-star cast of Julianne Moore, Vince Vaughn, Peter Stormare, Richard Schiff and Pete Postlethwaite (R.I.P.) to the already spot-on casting of Jeff Goldblum, and with the addition of Compsognathus, one of my favourite dinosaurs (get over it, I’m a nerd), I feel that lifting the curtain on the mythology behind the parks sullies the memory of the original film, which I still deem as near-perfect cinema (major failing point: not killing the kids).

Black Narcissus/An Education

Nearly finished the list! Just editing out the duplications. Fortunately, I seem to own a good couple of hundred of the required films, but I feel I may be re-joining LoveFilm pretty soon, and learning how to set my VCR (yes, VCR, what’s the weather like in the present?) for the random daytime gold that is Film4. I’ve also discovered the library of DVDs at the university my girlfriend attends, offering up to 3 rentals at a time, for free! Alas, she is only there for a few more months, so I’m going to be renting as many as I can whilst she’s there.

Second Chance: Sex and the City the Movie 2

I must have done something wrong. I’ve no idea what it was, but believe me I’m sorry, as the punishment for this unknown wrongdoing was a viewing of Sex and the City the Movie 2. I’ve never watched an episode, and certainly haven’t seen the original film, but I knew of the characters, their names and basic cliche stereotypes (Charlotte = prim and proper, Carrie = whiny clotheshorse, Miranda = businesslike, Samatha = whore) from pop-culture. I’ve never had any desire to watch anything even vaguely related to this show, and this viewing has only furthered this mission.

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Is 3D killing cinema?

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I wanted to see Tangled. We want to see it in 2D, as I refuse to pay an extra £2.00 per person to see the exact same film (£3.00 if you include the glasses), with an added third dimension. I don’t care if it’s more immersive, it’s the same film, I don’t care. It’s just another way of draining my hard earned money out of my pocket, where it’s busy keeping the moths warm. However, the optimum times for watching the film were only showing in 3D, so we didn’t go, we went home and watched Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer instead. I may never forgive cinema. We’re going to see it tonight instead, in 2D, but if we weren’t such social outcasts that we didn’t have two consecutive weekend evenings free, we wouldn’t see it, and the Gods of Movies would never see our readies.

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The King’s Speech/12 Angry Men

I’m still working on the full list, its quite long so may take a while to sort through any duplications, but suffice to say I’m thinking I’ve bitten off slightly more than I can chew, as I haven’t heard of many of the 1001 Films to See Before You Die, let alone seen.

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