Deep Blue Sea – The Podcast

Folks, it happened, I started another podcast, and this one’s all about Deep Blue Sea. “Wait,” I hear you cry, unable to conceal the slight crack of excitement in your voice, “the 1999 shark-infested masterpiece from Renny Harlin? Surely there are already dozens, nay, hundreds of podcasts already devoted to such an opus of cinema.” Yes, that very film, but no, somehow, inexplicably, despite the film-centric podcast world already overflowing far beyond any reasonable degree of saturation, there are no such shows devoted to the film Roger Ebert once described as “a neat package of terror, sharks and special effects.”

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So what is this delightful new podcast, and where can I listen to it, and is it any good? Well, firstly, stop asking so many questions, calm down, we’re not going anywhere. The show is called Deep Blue Sea – The Podcast, and you can find it pretty much everywhere podcasts are found including iTunes. Here’s a link to it on spreaker: At the time of writing there are already three episodes out, with more released every Tuesday. The show is hosted by me and Mark Hofmeyer from Movies, Films & Flix, and every week we discuss the next DVD chapter of the film Deep Blue Sea. There’s 33 chapters in the film, so there’ll initially be 33 episodes, followed by some bonus ones on the straight-to-streaming sequels etc. We will not, I repeat, WE WILL NOT, be covering the sequels chapter by chapter, because whilst I haven’t seen them at all, just mentioning their existence makes Mark sad.


It’s not just going to be me and Mark, we have guests, preferably ones who agree on the near-perfect status of the film’s quality, and as for is the show any good, I’ll leave that up to you to determine but I for one am having a very fun time delving into Deep Blue Seas delightful depths. I hope you give us a listen!

The Lovely Bones

Susie Salmon (Saoirse Ronan) is an ordinary 14-year old girl. She has a younger sister Lindsey (Rose McIver), an even younger brother Buckley (Christian Ashdale), a perfectionist father obsessed with building model ships in bottles (Mark Wahlberg), a stressed out mother (Rachel Weiz) who knits terrible headwear, an alcoholic grandmother (Susan Sarandon) and is developing her first crush on fellow schoolmate Ray Singh (Reece Ritchie). One day, however, Susia doesn’t make it all the way home from school. Whilst crossing a field near her family home she is lured into an underground bunker by her creepy neighbour George Harvey (Stanley Tucci), Harvey kills Susie, and the ramifications of this will throw her family into turmoil.
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My 2015 Oscar Predictions

Shane over at Film Actually is once again hosting his Oscar Nominations contest, and this year I’ve managed to remember it’s happening before it’s already over, so I’m going to take part. I’ve got no hope of winning, I just want to pitch in and promote it a bit more, but I’m still going to throw in my ballot. My predictions all kind of fall apart towards the end (I haven’t even seen any of the potential nominees for Best Foreign Language Picture of Best Documentary) and in some cases I went with what I want to be nominated rather than what I think (see the Best Original Song category). Regardless, here’s my predictions for this year’s nominees: Continue reading

Life Vs Film in 2015

I don’t really believe in New Year’s Resolutions – why wait for a specific day to start bettering yourself when surely it’d be more beneficial to start immediately – but I do understand the notion of setting goals to achieve in a set period, and a year seems like a decent amount of time to do that with, so as with 2014 I’m aiming to keep a schedule and meet some goals over the next twelve months. Without further ado, here’s my ambitions for the site in 2015: Continue reading

Cat People (1982) for the Cinematic Katzenjammer’s Not-So-Secret Santa Review Swap

This review was written, as you may guess from the post’s heading, for the Not-So-Secret Santa Review Swap over at the Cinematic Katzenjammer, or CineKatz, as run by Nick Powell. It’s a fairly simple yet great idea – you submit a film for some random person to review, and in return you receive one back. I signed up (and gifted Andrew from Go See Talk with Starter for 10, a movie I adore but which is criminally underseen even in the UK), thinking that I’d receive something outside of my wheelhouse, that would potentially expand my movie viewing experience, or even better, get something already on one of my lists that would provide a little extra motivation to cross it off a bit sooner. Instead, I received a schlocky 80s remake of a 40s horror that I didn’t much care for in the first place. So yes, it technically was an off-my-radar selection, but maybe it wasn’t on my radar for a few good reasons.  Cat+People+cage+cinema+saigon Continue reading


I’ve just reached 20,000 page views! I’m sure you don’t care, but to me this is a moment I’d like to share with you. Let’s all just take a second to bask in what this milestone truly means.
Finished? OK. The part about this that perplexes me is that, at present, over 10% of those page views have been for Billy Elliot, a review that up until recently had spelling mistakes in it. Why is it so popular? well mainly because when you do a Google image search, the picture I’ve used comes up pretty early on, but hey, a view is a view.
Thanks to everyone that’s been visiting my site, I appreciate you taking the time to read my opinions and ramblings on films. Here’s to the next 20,000 views!