My Week in Movies, 2016 Week 23

The plan is working! My mission to review more films than I watch has so far been a success, in that this week I watched one required-reviewing film, but reviewed two, including the one I watched! Yeah, small steps, but steps in the right direction nonetheless. Not much else to report – the wedding planning continues – so let’s get into what I watched this week:
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Blind Spot: A Clockwork Orange

In a semi-dystopian future London, Alex DeLarge (Malcolm McDowell) and his gangs of droogs (James Marcus, Warren Clarke and Michael Tarn) spend their nights terrorising the town, fighting with other gangs, beating up drunks and breaking into people’s houses, stealing valuables, and crippling and raping the inhabitants. When the gang turns against their leader, Alex is left injured at the scene of his latest crime and is sentenced to prison, wherein he attempts a new form of treatment set to “reprogram” him against his former behaviour.
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