The Godfather Part II

In 1900’s Corleone, Sicily, a young Vito Andolini is left the only surviving member of his family after his father, brother and mother are all killed by the local mafia head, Don Ciccio. Vito flees to New York and adopts the new surname Corleone, and eventually finds that perhaps the best way of life for him is similar to the one that led to his family’s demise. Inter-cut with this story and following on from the events of The Godfather, a now in-charge Michael (Al Pacino), Vito’s youngest son, struggles to maintain his power with threats on many sides, including possibly one from within the family.
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My Week in Movies, 2016 Week 14

Watching so many films I sometimes find myself going through completely unintentional themed periods, often discovered after the fact. For example, a lot of films I’ve watched recently have featured Italian or Italian-American families with lots of brothers in, and these all arrived to me through different means. Brooklyn cropped up on my LoveFilm list and got dispatched immediately. Then Rocco and His Brothers needed reviewing for Blueprint: Review. And this past week I’ve watched Three Brothers, also for Blueprint: Review, and I watched The Godfather for this weekend’s Lambcast. Even more bizarrely, the past few weeks have seen not one but two films in which someone submerges themselves in a large quantity of grain (Three Brothers and The Dressmaker). Weird. Anyway, here’s what I watched this week:
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