HitchcOctober Day 14: Rebecca

Whilst working as a paid companion (no, not that kind of paid companion; filthy mind) a girl with no friends or family (Joan Fontaine) meets the wealthy but recently widowed Max de Winter (Laurence Olivier). The girl’s obnoxious employer (Florence Bates) comes down with a bout of the flu, leaving Max and the girl to become acquainted enough for him to propose instead of losing her when the trip comes abruptly to an end. The newlyweds return to Manderlay, the stately home of the De Winters in Cornwall in the south of England (where Jamaica Inn was also set, and if I’d watched this when I was down there recently as well – and there was a chance; I took Rebecca with us as well – I think I’d have probably freaked right out), where the new Mrs de Winter feels very much out of place, especially because the memory of her predecessor seems to have a powerful effect on the house and its staff, particularly the head of the household, Mrs. Danvers (Judith Anderson).rebecca06 Continue reading

HitchcOctober Day 5: Suspicion

Johnnie and Lina meet by chance on a train when Johnnie (Cary Grant) can’t afford a first class upgrade, and pays for it in pennies and a borrowed stamp from Lina (Joan Fontaine). Lina leads a relatively sheltered life, being bookish and introverted, whereas Johnnie is a serial blagger, flying by the seat of his pants without a care for cause or consequence. Naturally, these opposites attract and the two are soon married, against the wishes of Lina’s parents. Eventually, Johnnie’s extravagant lifestyle leads to financial woes, and Lina suspects Johnnie may have some untraditional methods of fixing them.Annex - Grant, Cary (Suspicion)_09 Continue reading