Wall Street

It’s New York in the mid-80s. Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) is a young stockbroker on a permanent high from having the coolest name ever, or at least he would be if he weren’t up to his armpits in debt and trying to make it big whilst stuck cold-calling on a low rung in an average firm. Bud, however, is determined, persistent and ambitious, and he ceaselessly badgers the secretary of Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas), one of the big names amongst the stockbroker game. Bud’s determination pays off, eventually meeting Gekko and, with the help of some tips provided by his airplane mechanic father (Martin Sheen), Bud impresses, and is brought into the fold. But at what cost? This film was recommended for me to watch by Dylan Fields, creator of Man I Love Films, the LAMB and my predecessor as host of the Lambcast.
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My Week in Movies, 2015 Week 11

This week has had a shadow looming over it for me, in the form of the passing of Terry Pratchett, my favourite author. His death on Thursday wasn’t a shock, considering he’s been very public with his health issues for the past few years, but it left me in a kind of fugue state for a good while. Also, Mother’s Day ate into my weekend quite a bit this year (love you Mum, so I don’t mind that much) so I didn’t watch/write as much as I’d have liked. Hence, last week’s mission to get at least one green mark on the tally below wasn’t overly successful. I’m also going to change one of my aims for the year. I’d initially aimed to see 25 movies in the cinema this year, averaging a little less than one a fortnight. For reasons of both availability and finance, I’m going to change that to watching a quantity of 2015 movies, but not necessarily in theatres. Last year I saw 58 movies from 2014, so this year I’m aiming to watch at least 59 movies from 2015. This actually puts me even further behind than I was, but is somehow a more manageable target, or at least it will be once movies from this year start hitting DVD and I can rent them through LoveFilm. Anyway. here’s what I watched this week:
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