Steve Jobs

During the preparations leading up to the public unveiling of three products – the Mackintosh in 1984, NeXT Computer in 1988 and iMac in 1998 – business “composer” Steve Jobs (Michael Fassbender) deals with the same handful of people and problems, including his friend and marketing associate Joanna Hoffman (Kate Winslet), co-Apple-founder Steve Wozniak (Seth Rogen), engineer Andy Hertzfeld (Michael Stuhlbarg), Apple CEO John Sculley (Jeff Daniels) and Chrisann Brennan (Katherine Waterstone), Steve’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his potential daughter Lisa.
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My Week in Movies, 2016 Week 16

I love podcasting, I really do. Recording the weekly Lambcast is amongst the highlights of my week, even when the calls drops a dozen times and Skype needs everyone to update at varying points during the show, I still love doing it. So much so that I often think about starting new podcasts. I think it’s a common issue once you’ve caught the podcasting bug, and the trick seems to be keeping that desire contained and constantly reminding oneself that there’s just not enough time in the day. Fortunately I’ve never been one to let my desire to do something have any impact on whether I’ll do it or not. If I could though, oh if I could. I’d podcast for a living if I could make it work. I’m particularly a fan of the Movie Minute podcast format, wherein films are looked at a minute at a time on a daily basis. So far I’ve listened to Star Wars Minute (Episodes 46, currently nearly finished The Phantom Menace) and Goodfellas Minute, and I’m 40+ minutes into Back To The Future Minute. Gutterballs looks at The Big Lebowski a minute at a time, always spending well over an known looking at each minute with the various tangents that come along, and they don’t release that on a daily basis (they’ve been going since 2012 and haven’t finished yet) so I’ve not listened to much of that one just yet. Obviously I’d love to start Jurassic Park Minute. I think about this often, daily sometimes. But I just do not have the time. As with Star Wars and Back to the Future, the plan would always be to move onto the sequels, and as much as I dislike Jurassic Park 3 I’d still love to spend months really digging into my problems with it and trying to find positives. And once I’d finished Jurassic World Minute I’d move on to something else. Probably Pixar Minute, starting with Toy Story Minute and continuing right through them all, even Cars 2 Minute.
Toy Story Minute
The other show I’d love to do, and this is one that got closer to happening – we even recorded a jingle – is Jay and Robert Talk Time Travel (JARTTT). The jingle was the title, sung to Troy and Abed in the Morning from Community. This would have been a show recorded every 2 weeks, looking at a different time travel movie each show. My co-host would have been Robert Zerbe from To The Escape Hatch, who was my co-host for a spell over on the Lambcast. He and I both obsess over time travel movies, and there’s a heck-load of them we could talk about, from Primer to Looper through Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3. Again, it’ll never happen, at least not whilst I’m hosting the Lambcast and running this blog. Sometimes I think I’d have just about enough time to stay on top of everything if I dropped the blog and the podcast. That might give me a chance of keeping the dog walked and fed, house tidy, DIY in hand, garden in order and possibly even allow me the chance to go for a run now and then and go out once in a while. Instead all of the above, including the podcast and this blog, receives a rotating degree of being ignored every now and then. Such is my life. Anyway, here’s what I’ve watched this week:
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